• What is your Minimum order quantity? 1000 pieces minimum per order Per Size
  • How many fabric Qualities do you have? Our fabric qualities differs from product to product, so please buy one set of samples and check the quality. Carry bag product is low quality and if you need premium quality then you need to let us know
  • Can you send sample? Yes, we can send the samples by courier and samples are charged. We always suggest our customers to buy 1 set of samples and do all the testing and checking before you place orders with us. if your are satisfied please place orders. We don’t want any disappointments at later stage
  • How much is the sample cost for Carry bags? Sample cost from ₹150 to ₹200 depending on the sample quantity you select. It will have all the fabric qualities that we make and the above cost for one set including courier cost and taxes
  • How much is the sample cost for Compartment bag? Sample cost ₹170 for one sample including courier cost and taxes. Please check Compartment Bags tab for more details
  • How can I make the payment for samples? you can pay by imps / Neft / UPI. After making payment it is necessary for the customer to send the screenshot of payment details by whatsapp or email for confirmation.
  • Can I make paytm payment? yes you can pay by paytm but please make UPI payment through Paytm (or) Google Pay
  • Will I get discount if I order bulk volume? Yes depending on the volume and repeat orders
  • Is there any extra cost from the given price? yes GST + transport + packing and dispatch cost is extra
  • How much is the transport cost? depends on the weight of the shipments and your destination. Please check the transport cost section for more details
  • When can you ship the item? if item is in stock we can ship the immediately upon receiving the payment. We will commit the delivery to customer once the customer makes payment and book the item

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Handle Tape Colors

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